Welcome to the Kurtz Ranch

My home is north of Steamboat Springs, Colorado on a ranch my husband, Pete, and I have operated since 1985.  Over time we have raised cattle, elk, and performance quarter horses.  Each summer we've hayed the meadows along the Elk River and grazed our cattle on the nearby hillsides.  Each winter we've fed livestock and enjoyed the season's quiet retreat.  Today, we carry a small herd of bred heifers and my husband raises and trains performance quarter horses.

We have two adult children.  Our son, Andy, trains and conducts horsemanship clinic through Andy Kurtz Performance Horses and East Meets West Common Ground Horsemanship Clinics.  Our daughter, Cassidy, serves as the Coordinator for the Colorado State University Equine Sciences Program and creates custom design jewelry through her company, Jewels West.  Please visit Andy at:  http://www.andykurtz.com.