Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Kitty's Quiet Love of Life

I always enjoy watching our cat, Kitty, through her daily rituals.  In the spring, summer, and fall seasons, Kitty is outside most of every twenty-four hours: requesting to go out at dusk, returning at dawn to eat and sleep a bit and back out again.  I often see hear luxuriating on the south deck in mid-afternoon as though she were on the deck of a cruise liner.  One day I tried to emulate Kitty, spending my day outside as much as possible and sitting a bit longer after lunch in the light of a receding yet still strong sunlight.  I believe she lives with a quiet love of life.

I wrote the following poem with thoughts of Kitty one day as she wandered out at dusk.

A Prowler

So, where will I hunt tonight?

Heard the fox and kin
Beneath the barn and shop
Spotted a coyote stalking the hills
Caught the bear’s scent near the tree house trail
So, perhaps, I’ll prowl up high, a top rail
A tightrope above the jungle grass
Then with a stealth walk, pause and
Pounce, I’ll strike and prance
Through my haunt, through the night.