Monday, June 11, 2012

In the Garden

June, the annual elixir of our natural year, has arrived.  It's happy, hopeful spring green, cool nights, and lovely mid-day temperatures, wash over my husband and me as though soothed by warm Caribbean waters.

Always enticed by the energy of the renewal, readers will find me in the garden, steeped in what feels like an altered reality of creating and ordering a domestic natural world.

So, as I slip into one of the most satisfying of summer months, unsure of when I will create the next posting, I want to leave readers, new and old alike, with a listing of some of my favorite blog postings for you to peruse.  To find the blog posting, simply type the title into the search box.

Editing the Garden
In the Garden: White Space 
Bugsy:  High Water Rescue
Daddy's Girl
A Sacred Ribbon of Road
Emma's Ruse
Is Weather a Place?
Rowdy Winds
Griz Rides Shotgun
My Streetsmart Homebody
Playful Avians
Emma's Misbehavior Really Isn't My Fault

I hope you'll enjoy one of these glimpses into our life on our ranch in northwestern Colorado, a place in which we are truly blessed to live.

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