Wednesday, May 23, 2012

At Home in the Elk River Valley Receives CIPA EVVY Awards

I'm happy to report this morning that my book recently received two awards through the CIPA EVVY Award Program.  At the Colorado Independent Publisher Awards, held May 17, 2012 in Lone Tree, Colorado, At Home in the Elk River Valley was recognized with a third place EVVY Award in the Non-Fiction/Experience classification and an EVVY Merit Award in the class for Book Cover Design.

After hearing the good news, I told a friend I was pleased to be recognized because I have no idea if or when there will be another book. ButI was also pleased that my collection of essays was placed alongside traditional non-fiction publications. Essay collections aren’t always an easy route in the publishing world.

I'd like to thank Traci and Lisa at Strategic Design and Advertising along with Joel Schulman at Photographic Arts for their assistance with the design of my book cover.  I hope they will share in a feeling of a job well done in receiving the CIPA Merit Award for Book Cover Design.  While I did take the photograph and had clear ideas about having a cover readers would want to pick up off the shelf, I couldn't have done it without the technical help and assistance from all three of these talented individuals.

Without organizations like SheWrites Steamboat and CIPA, self-published authors would struggle to gain not only visibility but credibility for their work. I appreciate all the support and dedication Sue Leonard at SheWrites Steamboat and Dan Miller at CIPA offer those of us who find ourselves returning again and again to the written word.

As the glow of the good news softened over the weekend, I found myself reading and thinking about the true reason we authors write. As one might imagine it’s not for the money and it’s not for the future hope of accolades, although I can now attest they do feel very good around the heart. From my experience, the deepest satisfaction comes when I’ve worked through a very difficult re-write or perhaps when I've entered into that timeless space of peak experience when nothing else exists but the words on the page. And I also know that satisfaction can be felt when one's writing finds a place of resonance in the hearts of readers.

But for now, a heartfelt thank you to CIPA, my readers, the Steamboat Writers Group, my writing mentor, Sharon DeBartolo Carmack, and Sue Leonard. The journey has been one of not only wrestling with those words on the page but with the kind and supportive people I've met along the way.

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