Wednesday, April 25, 2012


One June evening on fair grassy lawn
The litter’s last puppy was scooped
In and out of small then knotted hands
Held and cuddled like a newborn.

Kind, eager eyes invite and open wide
For smile, prosody, and caress
Black ears, brown nose and paws
This newborn, a silver-tipped black teddy bear.

Claimed for the ranch, Pete’s sidekick
At sunrise awaits at kitchen door
Then spins to sprint over meadow grass
He, Hercules and protector at dawn

Restless for work, moving cattle
Shepherding Pete to shop and corral
Awaits the sound of four wheels, settles into
Shotgun seat and herds horses to evening pasture
Rolls and rubs silver tipped coat in crystalline meadows
Finding true home in winter snows
Teddy bear dancing with nature’s crisp, biting air
One with the other, nature’s spirits in delight

Sweet and joyful this teddy bear
Worker and protector this Hercules
First-hand man and sidekick this eager dog
Loyal and soulful this natural spirit, Griz

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