Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mud's Season

Pete and I always find this time of year in the high country a challenge. Although we, in many ways are thrilled with the warming of the days and nights, what comes with the thaw is a deep, mucky mess. Pete particularly deals with a great goo in the corrals, the arena takes longer than he would like to dry out and once again become usable for riding and training; and I find the mudroom and kitchen floors I just swept and cleaned yesterday now once again littered with dirt and tracks of humans and canine friends.

So, as a salute to the mixed blessing of spring, here's an ode to mud season.

Mud, muck, and cool
Slip, slide, and goo
Snow sugar sinks
And slinks away
Leaving pools and puddles
Along the way
To home, barn
Meadow, corral
Muddy paws, dirty paws
Sandy under bellies
Showers, towels,
Wet shakes
How long this dirt in this muddy room?

Mud, muck, and cool
Slip, slide, and goo
Is that you spring?
Soles waiting for dry ground
Under foot
Toes waiting for grass
To tickle and free
Treasure hunt for crocus
The draw of evening’s light breath
Deep night giving way to
Earth’s softening fallow ground
Releasing, seeping, mud, muck, and cool
A mud’s season, slip, slide, and goo.

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