Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Listening to Winter's Rhythmic Refrain

With a deep winter drought in northwestern Colorado in full swing, I realize how much I love and now miss the rhythm and movement of the normal winter season. That very well may be the reason for the following poem I wrote recently. Perhaps I should have titled it, "Longing for Winter's Rhythmic Refrain."

Listening for winter’s rhythmic refrain
I hear, on lovely snow laden bough,
A magpie flutter, dust, and preen
And with delicate delight beneath a crystalline sky,
A finch flits from aspen perch to bare lilac bush
I look again and see what I cannot hear
Listening for winter’s rhythmic refrain
The sun’s slide to a low horizon
An evening’s soothing, silent adagio
And in the still and dark, I wonder, “Is it sprite, commuter or mime?”
Off the path, an aspen branch, an orchestral baton
Gathers creatures of wood and land
Listening for winter’s rhythmic refrain
Knowing a still peace turns with a breeze,
And tempests trumpet, leaving denizens to burrow and cocoon.
In deep retreat, I long for notes
Of an inner score, in keys of major and minor,
With beats of lento, presto, and allegretto
Listening for winter’s rhythmic refrain
I await a melody of soulful spirit and song.
How I love winter’s solstice sweet sound
The coming, the going, the quiet and the storm
Fluttering, flitting, and singing with delight
The sound and stir of trumpets brings me to life
Listening for winter’s rhythmic refrain

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