Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Emma's New Outlook

Two weeks after cataract surgery, Emma seems to have a new outlook. She's obviously happier when she meets and greets, and uncharacteristically relishes a back scratch and words of praise. I told my daughter, "She really seems to be happy again." Cassidy replied, "Maybe it's about her new (clear) quality of life."

On Monday, Dr. Chavkin, a veterinarian ophthalmologist with the VRCC in Denver, examined her left eye and was pleased to find very little inflammation, the incision site healed, eye pressure within normal limits, and a clear, healthy view of the optic nerve. I told him, "I think both you and Emma are champs."

This successful cataract surgery on a Boston Terrier and good post-surgery recovery was a wonderful achievement in my mind. Dr. Chavkin felt Emma's chances for a successful outcome were good even though the risks are a little higher in some Boston Terriers. Knowing Emma, I also believed she was a good candidate: young, physically healthy, and with a record of successful orthopedic surgeries and recoveries.

So, off she and I go. Emma may re-enter the world of dog ability this summer; and I won't worry so much about her running into equipment, trees, and other things on the ranch now that her site has been renewed.

Thank you, Dr. Chavkin, for the gifts of sight and newly found comfort and joy.

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