Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Headed to Market

Every late fall I mark the season when I pass livestock trucks on our main county road coming in and out of the valley loaded up with cattle or sheep headed to market. Interspersed in traffic are semis filled with grass hay. Northwest Colorado has always been known as good country for both summer livestock grazing land and high quality hay ground. This year hay headed out of our country in abundance. With our late and wet spring, hay production was the best we've ever had here at the ranch.

Cattle also thrive. Cattle producers have summered cattle in this part of the world for over a century because their animals gain so well. Our small group of heifers gained at a rate of over 300 pounds on average. Pete sold a portion of them last week at Centennial Livestock Auction in Fort Collins and his sales figures reflected the current strength of the cattle market.

I'm happy to say it's been a good year for agricultural producers in north Routt County.

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