Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Colorado Independent Publishers Association Visits Steamboat

On September 9th, Dan Miller, President of CIPA, and his wife Joyce, provided a day of information on the process of independent and self-publishing for local authors. The day was organized by Sue Leonard of the local SHe Writes Steamboat writer’s group and the first Affiliate Member of CIPA.

In his morning presentation Dan gave attendees an overview of CIPA, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting the work of independent Colorado writers and publishers. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, CIPA provides members with on-going educational opportunities, supportive resources such as editorial, legal, and graphic assistance; and a venue for networking with a wide range of individuals, organizations, and companies involved in all aspects of the book and publishing business.

After lunch, attendees participated in two of those educational classes offered through CIPA’s College: the first was “Comparison of Publishing Options” and the second, “The True Costs of Independent Publishing.” Dan came prepared with an abundance of information for authors who are pursuing their dream of becoming published.

Independent publishing and self-publishing are exciting new avenues for authors to consider, but they also come with the need to be educated and astute about the entire process of writing, publishing, and marketing a book. From my recent experience of self-publishing, At Home in the Elk River Valley, it is not for the faint of heart. But with the book and publishing world ever-evolving and searching for a new norm, the business of self-publishing books, much like independent movie-making, is ripe for the creative and entrepreneurial spirit who finds a certain level of comfort in doing it for him or herself.

Thanks to Dan and Joyce for coming to Steamboat and making our local group, hopefully the first of many new Affiliate Members.

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