Saturday, October 1, 2011

Book Signing at the West Routt Library

I'd like to thank Ana Lash at the West Routt Library for organizing my book signing on Thursday, September 15th. The library, located in the center of Hayden, Colorado, is wonderful community resource complete with easily accessible technology and two inviting sitting areas: a patio for warm weather and a comfortable living room area complete with fireplace.

Ana and her assistant, Karen, offered coffee, tea, and light pastries for those who came to visit with me and discuss my book. Among those who stopped by were old friends Judy and Jerry Green, whom I write about in my book; Christine Epp, a local teacher and world-wide educational volunteer; and Maureen Zehner, who purchased a beautiful palomino horse from Pete a year ago.

I always appreciate the opportunity to share my writing with others as well as understanding how the writing resonated with the reader. It's as though the act of writing is not complete until it touches those who read it. Thank you all for taking time to come by.

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