Sunday, August 14, 2011

97th Routt County Fair Begins

Cassidy packed up the live-in horse trailer this weekend and headed down to the fairgrounds in Hayden, Colorado for the start of the 97th Routt County Fair. With starched pants and hangers of dry cleaning tucked away in the closet she's set for a week of work and celebration of the county 4-H youth program as the 4-H Youth Agent.

The fair officially got underway over the weekend with an open horse show and on Monday the 4-H Horse and Dog shows. Wednesday begins weigh-in for livestock animals, the swine show, and check-in for home arts at the Exhibit Hall. Thursday's a day of sheep, rabbit, and poultry shows, and on Friday the beef projects take center stage. Saturday the 4-H kids get ready for the livestock sale and BBQ, the culmination of the 4-H summer season.

Fair time at the Kurtz Ranch was always a high time. After a summer of working with animals and helping with ranch chores, we looked forward to fair as though it were a mid-summer Christmas celebration. Cassidy and her brother, Andy prepared both livestock and non-livestock projects for fair. Andy often completed a leatherwork project in addition to a beef and, or swine project. Cassidy participated in sewing projects, vet science, and beef and horse projects.

From those summers one of my favorite photos accompanies this posting. Livestock animals need to be exercised. In the summer of 1995, Cassidy and Andy got rather creative. You'll see Cassidy driving and Andy leading their steers from the rear of the old jeep we used to plow with. As hard as some of the work was and at times, the struggle to motivate each of them to do the work, the memories remain both rich and fond.

We wish Cassidy and all the 4-H members good luck this week! We here at the Kurtz Ranch know you'll enjoy all the rewards of a hard year of work.

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