Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Improving Brood Mare Nutrition

The sign on the good-looking white Chevrolet pick-up said, “Ranch-Way Feeds.” The young gal that stepped out into our barn-yard looked like a new college graduate wearing Baby Ariat boots, freshly pressed denims, and a black Ranch-Way Feeds company shirt. Kelcey Swyres had been in contact with Pete about a custom specialized feed supplement for our brood mares. Kelcey holds a Ph.D. in Animal Nutrition and serves as a consultant with Ranch-Way Feeds in Fort Collins, Colorado

In this part of northwestern Colorado, our meadow grasses are low in copper and zinc, both of which are important to brood mare and foal health. After sampling and evaluating our hay, Kelcey suggested a trial of a supplement mixed by Ranch-Way that might not only improve our brood mares' overall health, but their foals as well. So, now we'll give the brood mares this custom mix, with supplements of copper and zinc, during their entire gestational period.

Riding shotgun with Kelcey on her sales trip was Jerrod Samber, a territorial representative for Ranch-Way. He specializes in hogs, sheep, goats, and on this stop he was hoping to learn from Kelcey’s expertise as she visited with equine clients. He has served as an extension agent and also has his own show lamb business in Sterling, Colorado.

We appreciate Kelsey’s expertise in first evaluating our hay samples and then scientifically formulating a supplemental grain appropriate for our part of the country and our breeding program. Thank you Kelcey!

For more information, contact Kelcey or Jerrod at the Fort Collins Company Store at: 1-800-333-7929.

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