Thursday, July 14, 2011

Emma Plays Too Hard

When I walked into the veterinarian's office late yesterday morning, the receptionist said to me, "Oh no, not Emma again." Emma is one of those dogs who, much like an accident prone child, needs medical assistance more often than others. My veterinarian, with a soft smile, said it best, "You know, Emma's just one of those dogs who plays just a little too hard now and then."

"...a little too hard now and then" is actually an understatement. Sometimes I think the terrier in Emma came down multiplied several times over in the Boston Terrier family tree. Emma's terrier predecessors had nothing on her. Whether it's a ball, a stick, her mom, or the ranch, in Emma's mind it all belongs to her and anyone who messes with it messes with Emma.

So, when I threw the red Kong toy for the last time Monday evening and it went behind our renter's car, I don't know what twist or turn Emma made to be sure Brodie, Cassidy's Australian Shepherd, didn't get a chance to have a piece of the Kong toy for himself. I imagined the Kong bounced high and Emma lept to great heights and then landed awkwardly on her foreleg. But Dr. Christina Peters speculated that a twisting motion or effort to evade may have caused a possible tear in Emma's tricep.

Much to Emma's disappointment, she lays near under my desk. The only good thing in the doctor's orders is that we're together. Quiet and inactive are not descriptors of Emma's days. And so, she and I will do our best to take it easy and let the pain medication and anti-inflammtory drugs take their healing affect.

As much as I'd like readers to think that I'm capable of succeeding this morning in following Dr. Christina's orders, I must confess as I opened a door and made a phone call, Emma escaped my supervision. After a few calls for her and no Emma, I hopped on my bike and headed out to the arena. Across the way on the far side was Emma doing what she usually does when Pete's riding. Just joining up with Griz and Brodie: wandering the arena, sniffing the ground, and eventually lying in the shade with her buddies comforted in communion and the routine of her outside world.

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