Monday, June 13, 2011

The Making of a Ranch Hand

Every early spring, Pete says to me, "I don't know what I'm going to do for help this year." And every year help comes to the ranch one way or the other. For the last three years we've had the help of Dawn Serafin. She returned again this year to be Pete's right hand and to ride any number of young horses every day.

And shortly after the question was asked this year, Shon Colquitt from Dallas, Texas called Pete one night in April and said he was interested in seeing Colorado. "Did Pete have any work?" Shon is the son of an old college friend of Pete's from his CSU days. After finishing undergraduate school, Shon was looking for an adventure of different kind and a chance to live in Colorado.

Shon was quickly initiated to life on the ranch: the weather was wet and lousy; he helped one Saturday for eight hours in our effort to save a beautiful colt; the Murphy Larson Ranch, where Shon lives, flooded one of the first nights he was in residence; the horses got out the next night; and his first day on the fence line was probably a little like the beginning of a long and tedious journey with no end in sight.

Having never experienced the middle of the spring ranching season, Shon has done a great job of doing whatever he can to help out. We admire his desire and ability to learn about the world of horses, fencing, harrowing, flood control, mucking stalls, fixing things that break at exactly the wrong time, perennial ranch maintenance projects; and the often still and quiet that comes from country living -- a far distance from the metroplex of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

We think Shon's going to be riding on the open range soon. In this accompanying photograph, Shon is loping Dudley for the first time. Both Pete and I saw Shon's natural seat and believe he'll soon be asking to check the heifers on the hillside.


cassidy said...

Good pick, that's cute!

Bucks Landman said...

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