Tuesday, June 7, 2011

High Water Hits the Ranch

I heard Andy tell Pete he'd seen flashlights out on the county road and that earlier he had heard heavy equipment running. It was 1 AM. Quickly alert, we all headed out the front door. Down the drive we found a river a half a foot deep running over the driveway, a lake on a nearby lawn, and flooding in the main driveway. The Elk River had obviously overrun its banks to the north and was flooding the meadows above us.

Continuing to explore we found another river running over the county road about six to eight inches deep headed for the ranch. We believe our neighbor, in order to avoid being flooded at his place, lowered the level of the county road enough to allow the water to turn loose and not damn up near his home. As a result, we experienced the highest water we've seen yet this year and continue to comment to one another that we never thought the flooding would come through the meadows and not over the banks of the Elk River.

While we have standing lakes this morning, the high water did recede and weather officials are saying it won't peak again this week. There are still thirty inches of water pack in the high country, however, and we won't be surprised if we experience another night of high rushing water.

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