Thursday, June 30, 2011


When Cassidy returned to Colorado to take the position of Routt County 4-H Youth Agent, she brought everything she owned back home including a horse, furniture, and a Boer goat.

After graduate school Cassidy spent the winter in Texas. While there she wanted a companion for her horse so her mare wouldn't have to spend her days alone. Finding a friend for Sweetness wasn't unusual. Goats are often used to keep horses comapny and become very dedicated to their horse friends. At an auction nearby she purchased a baby Boer goat she later christened, Hercules.

Last summer Hercules relished his free range on the ranch. I would often see him in the meadows or lying down next to a horse or foal that had been put in a run to be watched or rested. Next he'd have two front feet in one of the feeders as if he were King of the Mountain. In the accompanying photo, Hercules stands atop a well socializing with the mares. He also brought with him a collection of tricks including fist bumping and head butting.

As winter approached, we wondered if we should send Hercules to a warmer climate. Then as days wore on our good intentions dimmed. We ended up keeping him here on the ranch. We now know Hercules is a survivor. Cuddling up in the hay with the yearlings during winter snowstorms and frigid nights, Hercules survived one of North Routt's longest winters.

With his second summer on the ranch in full swing Hercules has taken up with the new foals and their mothers. He grazes, naps, wanders, and plays with them leading us to believe he very well believes he too, is a horse and not a transplanted Boer goat from north Texas.

We here at the Kurtz Ranch believe he is quite simply the coolest goat ever.

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