Friday, May 20, 2011

Remi's High Tech Liaison

Pete, Shon Colquitt, our summer help, and I stood in the cool barn mid-morning. It had snowed lightly during the night and had now turned to a steady rain. We were waiting with Remi, Andy’s mare, for the vet to arrive. She was scheduled to artificially inseminate Remi for next year’s foal to High Rollin Cat, a cutting bred stallion owned by Karey and Jess Franz of Huzza Valley Quarter Horses.

Overnight, half the potential for a new life had been shipped from Steelville, Missouri in a small Equintainer. The small cooler, used to ship and protect live semen for the purposes of artificial insemination, arrived via Fed-Ex. Our reproductive vet, Dr. Racquel Lindroth, had made several visits to the ranch to ultrasound Remi and determine just exactly when she would ovulate and of what quality the follicle would be. This morning she ultra sounded again and found a well-formed forty cm follicle. The timing would be perfect: a mature follicle and live semen, collected within twenty-four to thirty-six hours.
Dr. Lindroth carefully opened the sealed container and reached in to take out a secured pouch of live semen. With care, she retrieved the semen with a syringe and connected it to a pipette which she delicately inserted into Remi’s uterus. At that moment we all acknowledged the wonder of live semen, collected in Missouri yesterday morning, now being inseminated into a brood mare in northwestern Colorado: the stuff of life flown overnight in a cooling vessel and now safely on its way to merge with Remi’s forty cm follicle.

Andy believes this cross: Major Reminic’s Pep and High Rollin Cat will make for a terrific cutting horse prospect. He’s also excited and pleased to work with his old friend, Jess Franz, and his wife Karey of Huzzah Valley Quarter Horses.

Good luck Remi!

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