Thursday, May 26, 2011

Barbie and Allie Foal

Mother Nature often surprises us with her own rhythm, her own drumbeat. Both Allie and Barbie delivered their babies early this year: Barbie nine days early and Allie just a few days early. Although we’ve been putting them in at night in anticipation of their due dates, they foaled early according to their own natural schedule.

Barbie, a Pitzer, Two-Eyed-Jack bred mare and bred to our ranch stallion, Riggs, delivered what we think will be a red roan colt with a strong white blaze. Allie, whose mother was our favorite mare, Mighty, and bred to our ranch stallion, Riggs, also delivered a red roan colt with a large white blaze. The two new babies look as though they could be siblings, with the same coloring and same long, long, legs.

In the middle of a long and dreary spring, Pete’s call this morning to say that Allie had foaled early reminded me that behind the overcast skies, like Barbie and Allie foaling, a season is turning according to, not our normal seasonal calendar, but according to Mother Nature’s own strong rhythm and beat.

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