Monday, April 18, 2011

The Dos Gringas Collection

If you’re looking for a personalized statement of the western lifestyle or a casual look that reflects a blend of both the latest in urban and western fashion trends, look no further than the Dos Gringas Collection.

My son Andy's girlfriend, Alisha Smith, has brought together an exciting and unique selection of western clothing, jewelry, and accessories. In selecting her clothing lines and accessories, Alisha hopes she encourages all cowgirls to “Embrace the Wild and Reckless Cowgirl Within.”

I think you'll find Alisha's love of fashion design and the western lifestyle contagious. Check out the latest exciting addition to her line, Ferrini boots for men, women, and children.

To peruse and shop for that special item, shop online at

Or visit The Dos Gringas Collection on Facebook at

If you'd like to gather all your friends for a fun evening, consider hosting a Dos Gringas home party by contacting Alisha at


Alisha said...

Thanks for the wonderful write up!

Mary B. Kurtz said...

You're welcome, Alisha! We wish you the very best with your growing business.