Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My New Custom Mohair Cutter's Cinch

Pete’s been promising to make a custom mohair cinch for me. Yesterday he gave me the final product: a royal blue and tan cutter’s cinch. It’s made of double-stranded mohair yarn, one layer on the bottom interwoven with one layer on the top. You’ll see in the photo that the royal blue from beneath is brought up from the bottom and woven into the tan yarn. In this way, it’s used not only to reinforce the cinch, but to add an accent color to the design.

Pete used silver D cinch rings and later I’ll add a shoo-fly, a horse hair tassel that adds both a decorative flair and a practical tool for fighting flies underneath the horse’s belly in the summer time.

Pete and I think it will suit my quarter horse, Ziggy (Docs Vintage Oak), just fine.

I told him it suits me, too.

For more information on Pete's custom cinches, see my posting at:

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