Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Guest of a Different Kind

A week ago, as we prepared to leave for dinner with a friend, I spotted some movement coming down the driveway. In an instant I knew it was a bear, but my mind kept double checking to be sure. Quick on its heels was Griz who, in his chase, sent the bear up between two cottonwoods. I rushed out the door to call Griz in to the house. And then we watched as a beautiful yearling cinnamon bear hung snuggly in the cottonwoods.

He appeared tired to us, perhaps he'd negotiated the main county road to the river and then meandered into ranch and couldn't find an easy way out. We watched as he eventually came down out of the cottonwoods and rested beneath them catching his breath and bearings.

In a few minutes he walked across the driveway and the garden bridge and seemed to settle in for a bit behind the garden shed. We left him there and Emma and Griz in the house. Our dinner date awaited us and our unexpected guest seemed content.

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