Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Riggs Narrowly Survives Colic, continued

On the following Monday Dr. Bohannon put Riggs on three days of IV antibiotics to treat what Dr. Bohannon thought might be an abdominal abscess. In addition, he was given a levage treatment which involved flushing the abdominal cavity and then draining it to clean out any infection from the abscess. The Dr. Bohannon could also analyze the fluid from the drain to determine whether or not there was any infection or internal bleeding. If the fluid was clear and remained clear, Rigg’s prognosis became brighter.

Once he completed these procedures, Dr. Bohannon kept Riggs another four days for observation and continued IV antibiotic treatment. He then called Pete to let him know he thought Riggs could come home with follow-up treatment and stall rest. Stalled at Andy’s indoor training barn, Riggs was treated each day with antibiotics and stall rest.

Now, six weeks later, Pete brought Riggs back to the ranch last night. He will watch him carefully in the coming weeks for any changes in his appearance or behavior. Hopefully, Riggs has truly survived an unusual colic condition. And while we do not know the reason for the abscess, lab tests came back inconclusive; I know we will always be additionally concerned and vigilant about Rigg’s health and well-being.

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