Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mountain Lion Update

I was unable to reach my friend, Junior, who has hunted mountain lion most of his life in western Colorado and eastern Utah. So, I contacted the local Department of Wildlife to verify my suspicions of the track I found. I promptly received an email from our local Department of Wildlife officer, Mike Middleton.

He said, "Mary, you are correct. It is probably a mountain lion track. Lions ususally follow the deer west but our winter is so mild a few may be hanging around taking elk calves instead. I think you and your livestock and your pets are safe. When you snowshoe take your dogs (lions do not like dogs) and your camera."

I smiled as I finished reading Mike's email. He thinks I'm probably safe as long as Emma and Griz are with me and that I may even have the opportunity to capture a mountain lion on my camera. I'm not sure how excited I am about that prospect. I think instead I'll hope for more serious winter weather and a western migration of the lions!
If you didn't see the original post, More Tracks: Was It a Mountain Lion?, dated January 9, 2010, please see it for the full story.

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