Monday, December 28, 2009

Connecting Through Art

Cassidy recently graduated from Texas A&M with a graduate degree in Equine Sports Physiology and Nutrition. In this difficult economy, her preferred career of teaching at a university has been put hold. So, out of necessity and with what seems to be a family spirit of entrepreneurship, she is continuing her artistic passion for creating custom designed jewelry and offering it both through private showings and on the web. During the holidays, Cassidy invited friends and family to a holiday showing of her custom designed jewelry here at the ranch and was then invited by the owners of our local farm and feed store to offer it at their special evening Christmas sale.

As I watched, whether individuals purchased a piece of jewelry as a gift or for themselves, there was usually a story behind the purchase: the turquoise hoop earrings were perfect for a tall niece; the unique light green turquoise necklace and bracelet set looked fitting for the hair coloring of a son’s girlfriend; and the varied dark green stone necklace complemented the autumn color range of a daughter who just had her first born child. And in the spirit of surprise, a young married man arranged to pay for and leave with a beautiful white necklace with crystal pendant for his wife, an employee of the feed store, while she assisted customers during the special Christmas sale. The smile on his face had the spirit of Santa written across it as he slipped out the store’s front door.

While I know Cassidy was pleased with her sales, I couldn’t help but think the theme of relationship wound its way throughout each evening---whether it was the meeting and greeting of people we’ve know over the years or the stories of thoughtfulness and caring of those who purchased a piece of jewelry for someone they knew---the warmth of the community and connection to others enhanced Cassidy’s entrepreneurial venture this holiday season.

If you are interested in seeing Cassidy’s custom designed jewelry, please visit her website at: If you don’t see something you like, please contact Cassidy. She has a number of new pieces in her inventory that are not currently online.

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