Friday, September 18, 2009

Essay Published in Farm and Ranch Living

My daughter replied, “When I see one of those envelopes, I know what’s inside.” She was right. When you receive a business sized envelope from a magazine you have submitted an article to, you know a sample copy is inside. In this case, I knew it was coming because I had been in email contact with an editor. But, it’s always exciting and satisfying to see the envelope sitting on the counter.

I was pleased my essay, “Gifts of the Harvest,” from my manuscript, At Home in the Elk River Valley, was selected for publication in the October-November issue of Farm and Ranch Living. If you have a chance to pick up a copy of Farm and Ranch Living, either at your local store or library, please note that it has been re-titled, “Meditation on a Hay Rake.” Also look for a downloaded version of my essay, soon to be posted on my website. I always appreciate your interest and support as readers. As a writer, the process wouldn’t be complete without you!

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