Friday, May 29, 2009

Update: Whoopi Adopts Monkey

Whenever we told the story last week about feeding Candy’s foal every two to three hours, anyone who knew much about horses would ask, “Why don’t you find another brood mare to put her on?” It’s not an unusual to put an orphaned foal on another mare, but this year we only had one other mare with a baby by her side and we felt it would be too much to ask of her. So, we abandoned that possibility and realized we would be the filly's parents. Meantime our renters, Bob and Dawn, also christened the filly, “Monkey” because we had been feeding her out of a wine bottle from the Monkey Bay Winery and she was a bay roan.

By happenstance, Pete had to take another horse to the vet to be treated. There he encountered a friend, Shane Baker, whose mare, Whoopi, had a seriously ill foal. Sadly, Whoopi’s foal passed away and Shane graciously allowed us to use Whoopi as an adoptive mom. Suddenly, we had a brood mare who could take on Candy’s foal.

Grafting a foal onto another mare is not a simple procedure. Whoopi wasn’t keen on the idea of a new little one bothering her, so Pete kept her close but separated from Monkey and with some help hobbled her and helped the foal nurse. Afterwards, he supplemented the foal with formula. Each feeding was a little more successful and eventually last night the mare stood on her own and allowed Candy’s foal to nurse. The two are now inseparable.

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